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Power Up Watersports is located in Fort Walton Beach, FL. We are locally owned and operated by people who work relentlessly to improve watersports as we know it. One of our owners, Ben Merrell, is a top ranked athlete featured in many magazines and YouTube videos for his achievements in the World of Hydroflight.
We recognize the importance of making you, the customer, feel comfortable, delivering value, and meeting your expectations. We try without fail to accomplish this at Power Up Watersports.

You will be sure to receive the following with us:

  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Informative Instruction
  • Quality Equipment
  • Amazing Water location

Vision Statement

To provide exemplary customer service for people who want all kinds of adventures on the water and introduce the world to the thrill of Hydroflight.

Mission Statement

Establish Power Up Watersports as the premier watersports rental location on the Emerald Coast, providing amazing and memorable experiences. Provide superb levels of service, one on one instruction and have the best rental equipment available.


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The Only Watersports Company Powered By A Hydroflight Champion!


Power Up Watersports is the brainchild of Amber and Ben Merrell, watersports enthusiasts and dedicated Florida sportsmen.

If you recognize Ben, it’s probably because he’s been featured in TV and magazine spots worldwide for wins in Pro Hydroflight competitions from Dubai to Osaka.

He started his own watersports company based on his love for the sport and passion for teaching others about hydroflight.

If you’re even thinking about “taking flight” do not miss the opportunity to get out on the water with the company leading the craft, worldwide!

Power Up Watersports

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