About Crab Island, Florida

If you are planning a beach  and jet ski trip to Destin, Florida, you’ll come across a little place known as Crab Island, which isn’t an island at all, it’s a collection of sandbars. You’ll want to move a visit to the island to the top of your vacation to do list, since it’s a must for anyone looking for a good time splashing around the super shallow emerald green waters with friends or family. 

1. How do I get to Crab Island?  

Most rent pontoon boats or jet skis to get to Crab Island as it is the safest way to enjoy a full day on the water, while others take captained excursions for a more brief visit. So, you’ll need to decide if you want to invest in a boat rental for your family, or if you’d prefer a pre-packaged excursion experience that includes a little less thought and effort on your part with a captained jet-boat ride through local waterways in search of marine life.

2. What’s parking like?

If you use us, you’ll park at our nearby dock, and then get to Crab Island on your boat or jetski rental. Our dock is located X minutes away from the island, but you have the authority to go where you want, Captain. Once you arrive in the area, you’ll just drop your anchor wherever you like and enjoy yourself in the sparkling emerald green waters. 

3. What to expect here?

Upon arriving at Crab Island, you’ll see plenty of boats and waders all around. Some are there to party, while others are looking for a more family-friendly adventure, and you can easily find your spot in the mix. Expect countless boats and watercrafts all anchored in that sand, with hundreds of people splashing all around you. 

You may have heard talk of floating restaurants, mobile food vendors, and inflatable water parks out at Crab Island from friends and family’s past visits, but those types of commercial outlets have been reduced on Crab Island due to recent restrictions established in 2019.  Be prepared to bring your own food, floaties, and fun. 

4. What should I bring?

You’ll want to bring a well packed cooler with all your favorite snacks and drinks to enjoy on the sandbar, in addition to the essentials like sunscreen, water loungers, inflatables and water toys, etc. Our Crab Island Excursion includes sodas and water, to lighten your load, in addition to your own Captain, and a tour of the area and local marine life. 

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