Looking for the best jet ski? You’re in the right place.

A beach vacation is great for lying on the sand, soaking up the rays, but you probably want a little excitement at the beach as well. An excellent way to feel the wind running through your hair and your blood coursing through your veins is to rent the best jet ski or personal watercraft. They’re thrilling, easy to use, and affordable to rent.

Hopefully, you’re here to learn about renting the best jet skis and PWCs on the market. Well, you’re in luck because here’s a quick selection of some of our favorites:

Sea-Doo Spark

Vacations are about taking the family to an exotic destination and having fun. Thanks to the Sea-Doo Spark, nobody has to miss out on the action. Not only is it lightweight, which makes it perfect for cornering and maneuverability, but it fits up to four people easily. So, you should only need to rent one or two, allowing you to keep the costs down.

Yamaha WaveRunner VX-C

This model is one of our favorites here at Power Up Watersports. For one thing, it seats up to three people, so it’s great for groups and families. But, it doesn’t lack performance thanks to a fuel injection supply system and a three-cylinder, four-stroke engine. It’s actually an award-winning jet ski, so we are confident that our PWCs don’t come much better than the VX-C. But, if they do, then it’s in the form of a Yamaha VX, which has all the main features of the VX-C, but it’s a little more fuel-efficient.

Kawasaki STX-15F

Kawasaki is the Japanese company behind the term “jet ski,” so they know what they are doing when it comes to the personal watercraft. With Kawasaki, the STX-15F model stands out. Why? It’s because it comes with a beginner mode that makes the learning process much easier. Even with a four-cylinder, four-stroke engine, the Smart Learning Operation mode means riding this jet ski is very forgiving.

Kawasaki Ultra 310X

If the Kawasaki STX model isn’t available, you should try the 310X instead. This is ranked as one of the best jet ski models due to the fact it’s built for leisure and racing. So, if you want to explore the ocean a little, the four-stroke engine will take you wherever you want to go. But, pump up the power, and the 310X turns into a beast with optimum performance. It has the same features for beginners, too.

Do you want to rent a jet ski? Well, if you’re ever in the Fort Walton Beach area, check out our great range of rentals, including the Yamaha models mentioned above!

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